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About Us

Our Story

Delivering Joy was born from an idea I had to help my friend, Emily, who was undergoing treatment for cancer. I wanted her to know that I was thinking about her every day, but she didn’t need physical gifts and I wanted something more meaningful and long-lasting.
I knew that laughter and humour can provide such a healing force and a way to take her mind off her reality, even if momentarily. I couldn’t find anything out there that provided what I wanted, so I came up with a unique and heartfelt gift myself – The 30 Days of Laughter.
This consisted of a text message a day for 30 days, sent directly to her phone each morning with a message or link to a funny meme or video - to make her laugh and smile, to shift her focus and bring some joy. She looked forward to receiving them every day.
This has since developed into several '30 Days of Joy' packages, which include meaningful, supportive, heartfelt and uplifting messages of love, kindness, inspiration and also funny memes/humour sent directly to the recipients phone every day for 30 Days.
It is like a bunch of flowers but lasts longer!

The person behind Delivering Joy...

Hi, I’m Valeska, the creator and founder of Delivering Joy. I'm a joy seeker, enthusiastic life-long learner and I am also a wife, mother and friend.  I am passionate about helping people to experience joy and live with intention. Delivering Joy aims to facilitate the delivery of JOY through gifts for yourself, your friends and your loved ones.

Emily’s journey has been such an inspiration to me - to live life with joy and intention, to savour the little moments and to just go out there and do what I feel pulled to do. So, when she passed away, I knew that I needed to turn my idea into a service, allowing others to meaningfully support their loved ones going through tough times too. Delivering Joy was born!

What started out as a digital project created for a friend undergoing treatment for cancer, has now turned into the Delivering Joy digital products. Helping others to feel connected to people and showing they care in a meaningful way, when it is otherwise difficult to know what to do, brings me joy.

Another project for a friend has turned into a set of 20 inspirational messages (on 10 double sided cards) which include statements, questions, affirmations and inspiration to encourage people to experience joy, love hard, encourage reflection and live intentionally. These cards are a culmination of many years of reading, personal development, program participation, podcast listening, therapy and a lot of self reflection.

Thank you for being here.

Valeska x