Delivering Joy Carepackages are...


Created with love, heart & sensitivity


Show your loved ones they are not alone


A different & personal way to show you care


Joy-filled message of love, inspiration, care or humour

Delivering Joy - How it started

Delivering Joy was created from the need to show my friend I cared, she wasn't alone and I was there for her.

She was diagnosed with bowel cancer, had two young children and needed distractions from her treatments. I desperately wanted to help her, but didn't really know how. I wanted to get her something to show her I was thinking about her daily, that I cared and she wasn't alone. I couldn't find anything fitting, and she didn't need more flowers.

I came up with the idea to send her a message a day for 30 days, as a daily uplifting touchpoint of care - Delivering Joy was born.