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30 Days of Love & Inspiration

Do you have a friend going through an illness, grief or a challenging / tough time, who needs some joy, love and care?

You want to show them you are thinking of them, you care and support them - to do something meaningful, but don’t know what?

Give them the gift of Love & Inspiration for 30 Days!

30 Days of Love & Inspiration is a service that delivers a package of uplifting, supportive and loving messages directly to the recipient’s mobile phone every day for 30 days. These messages include love, support, care and inspiration.

Delivering Joy Provided A No Obligation Smile
I had provided food support and I wanted my friend to know I was thinking of her often but also didn't want her to have to give anything back - so if I had texted her to see how she was or even to just say thinking about you, she may have felt she needed to reply.  This gave me the option to know that I was thinking if her, have a smile, etc but with no obligation to me.  Sometimes she texted me, or sometimes you with a comment but that was when she wanted to, not because she felt she needed to.
- Karen Garner-Hamilton

Bring Joy To

Someone who is going through an illness (such as cancer), grief or a challenging/ tough time.  The Love & Inspiration Package contains quotes and affirmations themed around support, self care, strength and love.

Customer Reviews

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30 Day of love and Inspiration

I recently gifted this to a friend during a hard time and its been beautiful to hear how much she has appreciated the daily messages during her time in hospital and while home healing/recovering.

All the usual ideas of support and love including meals, flowers etc had been saturated due to a large family support network. This was a beautiful way to be able to connect with her when I was unable to see her.

I feel this was genuinely one of the best things I could have given her as each day it reminded her that I was thinking of her and brought positivity into her life during a difficult time.

I have since gifted another friend the Advent calendar who has been enjoying these beautiful messages each day and I wouldn't hesitate in buying again or recommending to others as a unique and thoughtful gift idea.

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