30 Days of Joy & Care Package

Is someone you care about going through a tough time?

Cancer, illness, grief, work, relationships, children and life changes can all throw up a myriad of challenges....

Would you like to help, show you care and let them know you are thinking about them, but don’t know how?

Give them the gift of JOY!

$2 from every sale is donated directly to the Jodi Lee Foundation

A Great Way To Support Someone As Well As Make Them Laugh
I wanted a unique gift to thank someone I had been working with and supporting through a tough time. She was leaving and we wouldn’t get our regular chats in. I like the concept and the opportunity to personalise the texts was a great way to use the service to support someone as well as make them laugh.
- Leila

Bring Joy To:

Someone who is battling an illness, dealing with grief, or a navigating a challenging time.  This Joy Package contains humorous memes/jokes and inspirational quotes themed around strength and love.

*Available Australia wide only.

Please contact hello@deliveringjoy.com.au to enquire about international message delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
30 Days of Joy

A thoughtfully curated collection of joy and inspiration. The recipient commented that they loved receiving the messages. Exceptional customer service ensured we selected the right package.

Shelley Christie
30 Days Joy General

I looked so forward to each morning ping on my phone and my daughter did too. Such a great way to start the day. Great messages, thank you Valeska. Shelley xx

Kate Mason
A little ray of sunshine

I gifted this to a friend when she was going through a really hard time. She has told me that there were days she just wanted to give up but would receive one of these beautiful messages & she could then get up & get going. It has been that little ray of sunshine to help brighten an otherwise dark outlook. I love these products & can’t recommend them highly enough.

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