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Delivering Joy Advent Calendar

The past year (or two) have been big! 

Have you lost your spark? Feeling overwhelmed by impending Christmas season?

Or perhaps you would simply like a unique spin on the traditional Advent Calendar?

How would it feel to ACTUALLY experience JOY this holiday season?

With daily reminders of what's important to keep you (or your friends) UPLIFTED, JOYFUL and seeing the gifts in the everyday, our advent calendar will help you experience joy, even during the fullness of the festive season.

Delivered directly to your mobile phone each morning as a daily touchpoint, reminding you that you are worthy of joy - just as you are.

Who is this for?

Perfect for yourself. Or gift to a friend or loved one who could do with a moment of joy in their days - letting them know you are thinking of them and they are not alone.

How does it work?

After completing the details below for yourself or the person you are gifting this to and finalising your purchase, a message will be delivered each morning directly to your (or the recipients) mobile phone via text message. Commencing on 1st December 2021 and delivered for 25 days, concluding on Christmas Day.

Each daily message will delivered as a beautiful image to be a reminder of what's important during this often full and busy time. They will keep you uplifted, joyful and seeing the gifts in the every day.


Delivering Joy Provided A No Obligation Smile
I had provided food support and I wanted my friend to know I was thinking of her often but also didn't want her to have to give anything back - so if I had texted her to see how she was or even to just say thinking about you, she may have felt she needed to reply.  This gave me the option to know that I was thinking if her, have a smile, etc but with no obligation to me.  Sometimes she texted me, or sometimes you with a comment but that was when she wanted to, not because she felt she needed to.
- Karen Garner-Hamilton

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