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30 Days of Joy Package (general)

Is someone you care about going through a tough time?

Cancer, illness, grief, work, relationships, children and life changes can all throw up a myriad of challenges....

Would you like to help, show you care and let them know you are thinking about them, but don’t know how?

Give them the gift of JOY!

A Great Way To Support Someone As Well As Make Them Laugh
I wanted a unique gift to thank someone I had been working with and supporting through a tough time. She was leaving and we wouldn’t get our regular chats in. I like the concept and the opportunity to personalise the texts was a great way to use the service to support someone as well as make them laugh.
- Leila

Bring Joy To:

Someone who is battling an illness, dealing with grief, or a navigating a challenging time.  This Joy Package contains humorous memes/jokes and inspirational quotes themed around strength and love.

Customer Reviews

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A little ray of sunshine

I gifted this to a friend when she was going through a really hard time. She has told me that there were days she just wanted to give up but would receive one of these beautiful messages & she could then get up & get going. It has been that little ray of sunshine to help brighten an otherwise dark outlook. I love these products & can’t recommend them highly enough.

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